Sunday, September 23, 2018

Yesterday's Bliss

Father God, You are Praise Worthy!

Yesterday's bliss...being sandwiched between my dad and my brother.  We ate greasy burgers and fries and watched Law and Order and Cowboy movies.  We laughed and laughed and we loved and loved.  I dozed off briefly and awoke to find that it wasn't a dream.  It was absolutely bliss.  Then Farron left and we hugged good-bye.  At least for now...

Thank You!

Forever grateful...forever Yours

Monday, September 17, 2018

Out of Control

Father, You know I just wept over the news and the flooding victims from Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.  They showed two children who lost their lives.  I wept because the flooding was completely out of their control and they were innocent little victims.  Also because they showed three dogs who were standing on their paws begging for help.  They wept as they were being released from their cage by a good Samaritan.

Your Holy Spirit reminds me that we cannot control the tsunamis, the hurricanes, the floods, the earthquakes or the tornado’s, but we can control the sin and the flesh by allowing You to REIGN and Rule in our lives.  We can choose Jesus as LORD over our lives and have eternal life, if and when we encounter things that are beyond our control.

Thank YOU for Your truth that always enters in when I  need Him.  You said that the Spirit of TRUTH would come upon Your Son's ascension and You kept Your Promise!  To You alone I praise!

"But I am telling you the truth: it is better for you that I go away, because if I do not go, the Helper will not come to you.  But if I do go away, then I will send Him to you.
When, however, the Spirit comes, who reveals the truth about GOD, He will lead you into all truth.  He will not speak on His own authority, but He will speak of what He hears, and will tell you of things to come!  He will give ME glory, because He will take what I say and tell it to you!  All that MY Father has is Mine; that is why I said that the Spirit will take what I give Him and tell it to you!" Xo
John 16: 7, 13-15

Abba, I adore YOU!

Eternally yours

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Iron Sharpens Iron...

Father, I'm walking in obedience.  Because of Your Holy Spirit I had the sweetest fellowship with:

Four hour conversation with Kaha
Yummy fellowship with Camille at IHOP
Homemade omelette and fellowship with Tonya
Awesome fellowship with the Wagner's, Luethy's and Watanabe's
Mary came down and we talked and prayed … unexpected bliss...
Devan couldn't make it and YOU stood in the gap :-)
Prayer time with Michelle....heavenly...
Old fashion telephone time w/Patricia, Maxine and Darlene
My Little Pony with the Moore girls
Yummy time with my Missy
Salad, Lol and prayer with the Fuller girls (4 pennies too) GOD! You Reign!!!
Summer sunny day with Jackie and Sharon (ice-cream too)
Thrift store and spiritual conversations w/Alex & LOL after our prayer time...(3 pennies too)
Church "Milk & Honey" outdoors w/Juanita!  (Linda's salvation!)
Jimmy Swaggart and Mother William's!!!
Lisa had to cancel but we prayed over the phone!
Cream chip beef with Marlena and Your Holy Spirit Presence

And tonight, Harmony couldn't make it but Eva, Stephanie and myself had the sweetest time in Your Word and talking about Your truth and what You've promised us.  Continue to cultivate a desire in us to meet and to seek YOU!  Lord, we need Thee...understanding, wisdom, knowledge and discernment...more of YOU and less of us.  In Jesus' name. Amen!

Lord, only YOU can...

This flesh is weak...but my heart is willing...

Eternally yours....

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What's Happening Now

Listening to the waves collapse while reading Colossians...

Eternally grateful...eternally yours <3

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Lover of My Soul

My Lord, I'm thinking about YOU right now and I am smiling.  You are so beautiful, so wonderful and so glorious.  I wept in church today.  I felt YOUR Presence and I heard Your voice.

I am who YOU say I am.  I am loved, chosen and forgiven.

Right now....I'm in the center of Your Peace.  The peace that You promised those who believe.

I still marvel at the sound of the waves, just outside my window.  I still marvel at YOUR unending grace and the LOVE You show me and my family, day after day.  I am overwhelmed!

I am full and I am content and I say THANK YOU!

I'm nothing without You and I do not and cannot do this life apart from YOU!

Eternally yours

Friday, July 27, 2018

Continue Listening...

Lord, You know that the other day I was reading from my commentary and this stuck out to so resonated with my spirit.

The Lord's intervention is eminent!  As a result, I wrote a prayer.

Back in #2012, the Holy Spirit called me to text and email daily encouragement using His truths.  It just blossomed and expanded over the years.  Since retiring it decreased some, but somehow, the Lord decreases and then turns right around and increases the recipients.  Today there are over 100 souls via text and 7 via e-mail. I send out the "encouragement" Monday thru Friday usually in the mornings and not everyone gets it.  I lean in and listen to the Holy Spirit.

On this day, I sent it to someone I don't regularly text.  I know her job is very busy and I sometimes consider that she may be in a meeting or just "overwhelmed" with stuff...
Now that I say that, all the more reason to encourage her.  In any event, on this day, I sent her along with almost everyone else this truth:

Today's truth: Small, medium or matter if it's personal or involving the entire body of Christ, the Lord's intervention in eminent! He will finish what He started. It may hurt. It may be very uncomfortable. It may seem as though it's taking forever. It may seem as if He's not listening. It may be the hardest thing you've ever experienced. It may scare you to the core. It may cause you to lose friends. It may require you to shake up your complacency. It may change the plans you had for your life and it may even cause you to forgive, trust, and yes...even surrender! BUT regardless, the LORD our God, the One you profess as Jesus, the Son of God, HE will finish what He started! Go along and stop resisting. We must submit to His authority and it will go well with our not easy or painless BUT well. In Jesus' name, FATHER GOD shape Your People for Your Glory. Amen and amen! 

Something traumatic happened to someone she deeply loves and this was her response to me:

"God is good and the short devo that you sent a few days ago was quite appropriate for me "the Lord's intervention is eminent! may change the plans you had for your life..."  God is still in control and we are trusting Him for the future."

Father GOD You are so intentional and I say, Thank YOU!  I love You for using me and I love You for knowing all about "us!"  NOT ONE SINGLE THING CATCHES YOU OFF GUARD!

Eternally yours

God Space

Father God what a sweet and precious time of prayer with You this morning! I sat on the floor of my God Space and YOU met me there as You faithfully do.  I love You.  I know that You made Kleenex for our sacred time together and I say, "Thank You!"  You think of all the little details and I see Your tenderness in every area of my life.

Eternally yours

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Camp Phoenix

Father, once was an incredible experience to be used, to blessed by the kids and be a buddy.  They come in so sad, scared, introverted and wounded...knowing nothing about death.

By the end of the week, they have some answers.  They've made some new friends and they are on the path to healing.  I do NOT get to talk about Jesus, but Your Spirit is surely there as I get to watch this process unfold.  Not only that, this was my second year volunteering and I was able to see a "camper" from last year and man oh man did she bless my soul when she ran up to me and said that she'd missed me.  Also at the end, she looked at me and said with such confidence: "I know you love me!"

WOW GOD!  You are amazing...You continually find ways to use me and I am beyond grateful to sprinkle love and seeds of hope along this life's journey that I get to travel with YOU!

You know that I wanted to commit suicide twice in the past and if I were successful at that, I would not be blogging about Jesus Christ being my one true love.  I would not have impacted so many lives and I would not have the courage to share the gospel and to pray in public!

WOW God!  You are #amazing!

After the release of the Monarch's, as promised, I gave a tiara to one the little campers.  She was so precious and so grateful that I kept my promise.  That was something that YOU did especially for her.  Every time YOU do something, I have the ability to pause and see how YOU weaved it all together way before the moments present themselves.  I remember praying for Kelly in Akron and told her to get herself a tiara.  I wanted her to be reminded that she was the daughter of the KING!  King Jesus!

Later, I went to Wal-mart and bought two of them.  I said, "Lord, You tell me who to give these to." I have one left and You already know who the recipient will be!  I'm so excited to bless her!

Eternally yours

Jesus Encounter

Father God You already know this but...a patient at the nursing home named Dorothy spoke to me so tenderly today, looking me in the eye and said things that only Jesus Christ Himself would say. I was literally weeping with every single Word! Here she is in the end stages of her life, blessing my soul to the core. I'd like to say it happened because my "client" was sound asleep. Not so, but as a result, I looked to my left and began conversing with her. I asked her if she likes to pray. She said "I love to pray, day and night but I only pray in the name of the Lord!" Nothing but a God #encounter! 😥❤️

Eternally yours

Monday, July 16, 2018


I like to read God's Word and sometimes write it back to myself by saying, "Denise, what did you hear?"

I just finished 1 Peter chapter 1 and this is what I heard:

I was chosen to be holy. I was created to and am able to fully obey Christ! His blood was predestined to save me. His grace in my life is immeasurable. In Him I am free from all fears. The world's ways do not consume me. My rebirth is due to His endless mercy! My inheritance cannot perish and awaits me in heaven. 

Daughter, your trials and sufferings may appear longstanding but in view of eternity, this is not so beloved. Your ability to endure will be all the more rewarding when face to face with your Savior; the One whom you have not seen, but love so deeply. The One who has made your joy abound! All of this was set into motion long ago for you by God. Feast continually on the Word of God so that you will be aware of deception, living fully in truth and holding fast to your hope, promise by Jesus until He returns. Don't be tempted to do the things you used to before Jesus told you He loved you. Now that you know what real love is, why would you want to go back there?! Being holy is now apart of your being. Don't tarnish your reputation. Your new identity is rooted in Christ! Your stay on earth won't be much longer. You're no longer apart of those generational curses from your ancestors. Christ called you out of that way of living! Wow and yay!!! Because His blood paid for your freedom, HE is now your MASTER! He holds this title because of your sins...because of your rebellion...because of your inability to free yourself. He said, with great joy, "I'll free Denise! I love her and I will die for her!"


God agreed and then revived Him. After dying, He arose!!! Glory Hallelujah! Now you can live out your faith in victory, by leaning solely on what God and His Son did. Because of this amazing gift to you, your act of obedience is to pay it forward; loving as I have loved...not holding back. God's WORD has given you a new life and another chance. Tell others, every chance you get, by sharing the gospel. In the end, it is the only thing that will remain. Yes, pay this Good News forward! 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Birthday Bliss

Heavenly Father, I PRAISE YOU ALONE!  I have absolutely nothing to do with this beautiful life.

Your Spirit woke me up:  THANK YOU!!!

In Christ we live and move and have our being...Acts 17:28

Whew...I can relax and allow YOU to direct this journey...yay!

Spoke this day through Siri... :-)

Love when technology is used for good...

God woke me up today. He reminded me that I was still the apple of His eye. Then He sang Psalm 139 over me. Afterwards, He wiped away my tears. He then attentively listened to my prayers. Later we shared a cup of coffee. 

While waiting for Amanda to bring my cell phone, I asked God for a penny. HE gave me a penny and a  little heart shaped rock in the parking lot.

I talked to my mommy. LOL, as usual! I talked with my son, nothing but love! Precious prayers before we got off the phone. I spoke with Maxine, from Ohio. Sweet fellowship and incredible time of praying together in the name of Jesus, before we got off the phone. I spoke to my beautiful daughter, bragging on my King and His faithfulness in my life and what He wants to do in the life of HIS children.

I did some laundry and washed the dishes. Thank you for clean water.

Afterwards, I felt like I worked for four straight hours. LOL

This past week spent at grief camp, was incredible. The weather was perfect, and the time spent together was priceless. I had two very special campers, and they wrote me the sweetest thank you and goodbye cards.  Of course I cried. I'm such a crybaby. So grateful that God gives me tears!

Later today, by God's grace...yummy seafood (another penny) and cop shows.  My bliss.

So much love from texts, calls and e-mails.  Exhausting interruptions….Lol
SO LOVED AND BLESSED by Juliet...all the way from Ghana!

FOCUSED: Love hearing from Leisa.  Christiana sent me a beautiful card.

I'm so blessed with all my GBC family and those that the LORD put in my path since the moment I said YES to His Son.  GOD You are worthy to be PRAISED!  I don't want anything to point to me and everything to point to YOU!

Father, I'm preparing to go with the Youth to Momentum and I'm super excited to hear from YOU!

Lord as we learned in the Way of The Master, "praying" a prayer is not salvation....repenting, believing and surrendering is when the journey begins.  IF we fail to believe, faith to obey and fail to surrender...we are not in "relationship" with YOU!  

A life lived for Christ is a crucified flesh and a daily dying to self.  Meditation on the Word of God allows the voice of God to direct our path, transforming the heart and life for HIS Glory!

YOUR Word says if we love YOU we obey YOU!  Lord, help me in any area of my life where I'm not walking in obedience and where I'm leaning on self.  I want to be a strong witness to the lost and I want to be in the center of Your will.

This birthday is a beautiful gift from YOU but my truest BLISS is being LOVED by YOU and knowing that I'm never, ever alone!

Eternally yours

Monday, July 2, 2018

What's Happening Now...

Father, I'm sitting in the center of Your grace.  Thank YOU!

I just finished doing dad's dishes.  Yesterday he fixed a yummy dinner and tonight we had some more.  He's a much better cook than me.  Sad and funny to say, but so is my sweet son.

I'm a writer, not a cook.  Lol

Thank YOU for today and all the days prior.  I had the sweetest time with Maxine and wow...LORD, Your Spirit was there.  NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS!

I've been prayer walking and documenting my journey only BECAUSE JESUS IS LORD!  It is Your Spirit Lord....Your Sovereign and Faithful Spirit!  He leads me.  He guides me and He speaks through me.  I cannot believe how You've been with me every single morning, talking about the gospel with strangers and talking truth pertaining to their season of life.

I've tried, texting myself, emailing myself and keeping journals but I still cannot keep up with all that You do, have done and are doing.  So I had to blog.  I had to create a PRAISE blog to keep reminding myself of Your goodness and also hoping that if anyone doubts that YOU are ABLE, please, Father, may something I share open their eyes to Your truth and Your Son!  In Jesus' name, I pray.  Amen.

Thank YOU for waiting for me, forgiving me and using me.  I love YOU and I am grateful.  I am also expecting much more!

Eternally yours

Friday, June 22, 2018

This I Cannot Experience

Father God, I am beyond grateful that Your Word Promises that Your sheep hear and know Your voice.  You know that I had a prayer need the other night and as I was turning in well after midnight...I was thanking and praying and praising...

You specifically told me that this particular "journey" would be something that I could follow closely and be prayerful about, but it would be something that I personally would not be able to experience.

I get it!  I totally get it and I thank YOU!  I heart YOU and I love You!

GOD is there anything TOO HARD FOR YOU......Of Course Not!

I love that if there is anything on our hearts, if there are circumstances that we simply have no control over...whatever, whenever, wherever....WE....Those who #Believe...we have a MIGHTY Physician., a Devine Healer, a Restorer and a Sovereign LORD who has AUTHORITY over man and his limited knowledge!

Thank YOU for being my #1 Corinthians 2:9, #Romans 8:28 and Ephesians 3:20 GOD!

You are my #66BestBooksEver but I just wanted to name those because they comfort me instantly!

To Your name be Glorified!

I have placed all of MY HOPE in YOU and like King David, please don't let me be put to shame.  In Jesus' name, amen!

Eternally yours

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Once A Cop

Father thank You for Your Grace...

Sitting on dad's sofa.  I'm updating my daddy-daughter journal, Blue Bloods is on in the background and I'm full in my belly.  I fixed a yummy spinach pizza.  Dad's getting ready for his meeting later tonight and I'm enjoying the breeze coming through the balcony.  Thank You for my shower and nap.  Thank Your for meeting me through the pages of Thessalonians.  Thank You for giving me some quiet time yesterday to read and view the video that Steven sent me.  WOW!  Judgement is real and it's on the way!  LORD GOD...Wake Up Your Church!  Do whatever it takes to get us ready for the second coming!  That is my prayer!


I'd love some coffee right now...but dad didn't make any.  I miss my Keurig.  Lol

This morning's prayer walk was no different than yesterday!  Exhausting and ALL YOU!!!

Lord, I'm still amazed, even ten years later how YOU are working through me.  I cannot believe that I am talking to strangers about the GOSPEL and sharing my journey, some of my past and some of my "sins."  YOU are indeed GOD of the Universe.

I have no secrets and I am FREE in Christ!

I had nothing to do with it and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!

When this flesh rises up, Father in Jesus' name, crucify it!  Please and Thank You!  Amen!

Eternally yours

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What's Happening Right Now

His GRACE....

Oh yes it is sufficient and it abounds...

I'm sitting at my dad's kitchen table updating some of my blogs...THANK YOU Lord that I can express myself via blog because I simply cannot keep up with Your goodness and favor in my life.  AND You know that I started this "blogging" journey to tell others just how GOOD YOU ARE!

I can only tell them because YOU waited for me.  I was wandering in the wilderness and You patiently waited for me.

Dad's at his desk, alternating between reading and watching tv and I'm here.  I read 1 Thessalonians and then went from there.  Wrote down some prayer request.  Checked some e-mails and then posted Jessie's poem on my blog.  Then I started to update some and was inspired by all that You've done so far and it's only day 3!  GOD YOU AMAZE me!

Today is day three that I cooked for dad.  He calls it fixing, but I don't care because it's a labor of love for me to go into the "kitchen" and put anything together. LOL

We had salad the first night, spinach pizza last night and today, I made a pasta salad.  He loves to eat out and I'm trying not to do that as much "this time."  Thank YOU my Lord for the gift of self discipline.

And when I just typed those two words: THANK I go...

For the past two days, I did my prayer walk...Thank You
My back was hurting so bad yesterday and now it's not...THANK YOU
All of the God moments since I left North Beach, Maryland...Thank You
Steven called today and I was able to encourage him...Thank You
Chet is still working downstairs as well as Joe...Thank You
Maxine, Kelly, Roberta, Daniel, James, Jaime, Rosemary, Ron, Shirley and Linda...Thank You

I'm so content in the identity that YOU have bestowed upon me...THANK YOU!

My kids and grangirls have their names in Your Book!  THANK YOU!

S. mom's surgery went well...Thank You.
SA. will have the VICTORY!  Thank You.
M. is sad but YOU have the final Word!  Thank You.
You have a beautiful home instore for the C. family!  Thank You.

I get to pray in the name of Jesus Christ and my prayers are heard and answered!  Thank You!

I cannot wait to meet Leisa.  Gonna hug her so tight!  Lol

Pause:  I'm on my laptop so it shows incoming msgs…

My beautiful son, the one YOU gave me...the one Your Son gave His life for, just sent me a msg.

I shared an old pic from one of my blogs and he said, I can't remember the last time I smiled like that:  I sent him back some encouragement:

You do it every time we are together, but you can’t see you!

I see it.  You did it at Wegman’s…

I’m always telling you stuff and you just listen and laugh and smile and let me dominate our time together…You can’t see it but I do!  YOU are a child of GOD and it’s in Your DNA to smile like that!

I remember that day.  I got some bad news at work…not bad per se’ but we didn’t like what the Chief was doing…I needed to go to my happy place and came to H&M looking for you!

Our circumstances will not determine our JOY!  We live by FAITH and not by sight and surely not by our feelings!

All my love ma
Here's the pic...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Memory...

Father, it is Wednesday!  THANK YOU!  What a beautiful day and it's only 1:22 pm.  I'm at the Twin Beach Library.  I just finished reading Galatians.  I love You so much!  It all started this I typed that, so not true!  YOU STARTED THIS "Relationship" long before this morning. 

Anyway :-)

This morning I was feeling bad about some words still resonating in my head.  I was looking at Matt Chandler's Youtube last night which was so powerful and so rich with Your truths.  Then other videos along the side suggested things to watch.  I watched a few interviews with Megan and how she saved herself for her wedding night.  She'd been sexually active in her past, but decided, by the power of the Holy Spirit to finally surrender and listen to her Father's voice and stop!  She said that she was saved at 12 and baptized at 19, but since, entered into several relationships.  So inspirational, BUT of course, some of Hollywood is teasing and judging her.

Anyway...I clicked on other videos...a young female comedian is becoming famous from a movie she recently costarred in and she started out homeless, going from one group home to the next, etc...  I listened to some of her story as she did SNL, interviewed with Ellen and Oprah...etc...she was and is talented.  However, she began cursing and using "words" that rang loud in my ear.  I turned it off.  I listened to Dr. Stanley before falling to sleep and then this morning, by Your Grace, I received another new day!

I sat by the window getting into prayer, reading scriptures and devotions.  I was angry that some of the words from last night popped into my head.  I then read something the led me to Galatians and I said, "I'm going to read that later this morning!"

As I was continue to read, I saw the word flesh, again and again, and then I started to cry out, "Why do we rise up against you.  I hate this flesh.  Why do we have to be born in sin because of them.  Why are we so strong against GOD?!"  Then I had the nerve to say, "It's not fair!"  And cried some more.

YOU BEING A TENDERLOVING GOD AND ALL KNOWING, gently led me to the most perfect verse and devotion that answered all of my questions!

After crying and reading, I discovered that even if it had not been Adam and Eve, they would have had many children.  And because of THIS FLESH, one of those children would have sinned, and the another and another and I'd be in that generation and I'd be a sinner too!

Christ came for this very reason!  He came that I may die to this flesh and live in Him! 

I did not mean to say all of that, but it just poured out of me...

I'd intended on posting the devotional here this morning as it was so profound and too good not to share.  I spoke the entire thing through Siri to my email.  BUT, as I said earlier, I just finished reading Galatians, across the street in my car.  I sat under a tree in the PNC parking lot with some yummy McDonald's coffee, sweet birds rejoicig and hoping for an opportunity to talk about YOU!

I love when I think "in my mind" to do one thing but then I resist and listen to the Holy Spirit.  I initially thought, I should turn my car around and face in the opposite direction so that I can see people and "find" someone to witnesss to.  Then, I thought, that's going to distract me from reading Your Word.  So I paused and prayed: Lord bring me the person You want me to talk to!"  AND You did!  Such a Devine Appointment for myself and Kevin.  Also I talked briefly with Kierra in the bank.  Also being Barnabas, I gave Brian and Ellie some encouragement.  THEY BOTH SMILED WIDE!

After getting some fresh and new MANA from You! I walked over to the McD. to use the potty.  I felt sad because it's the birthday of someone special but they don't celebrate it.  I felt for second how that would make me feel....having not one single person to say anything to me about the day GOD Almighty breathed life into my soul.  So many abortions, so many orphans and so many children waiting, hoping, wishing to be to loved and adopted....just wanting someone to notice them and accept them.  Birthdays to not GLORIFY us the creations down here.....If we are in Christ, we do it RIGHT and GIVE THANKS TO YOU FOR THE GIFT of Life as YOU ARE THE CREATOR!  Celebrations are not idolatry....anything placed in Your Place is the sin!  Your Word specifically says that whatever we do....DO IT ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

I asked YOU as I looked over at the bed of rocks if I could find a small heart and of course You heard and answered!  That's the kind of #relationship we have.  I ask and You answer!

Lol...back to the reason I started this particular post is because I came here to print out some emails but I cannot because just that easily, I forgot my password.  I don't want to change it again so decided to just post something here because I was in the mood to write.  I absolutely love to write.  But You already know that!  Thank You for loving me...knowing me and LOVING ME!

Again, this morning's fellowship was SO intimate, so timely and so went on to the next devotion on the opposite page, which when I saw the title, I "felt" like skipping it....condemning myself and then the HOLY SPIRIT said, "Go back...this is for you beloved...this is you."  Tears again....OH HOW YOU LOVE ME and Oh How You LOVED On Me This Beautiful New Day!

So much stuff lately that I can't not remember but I HOPE and PRAY with ALL of my HEART that I will NOT Forget Your PRESENCE in my Life!  MAY I NEVER FORGET YOUR FAITHFULNESS!  MAY I NEVER FORGET that I was living apart from You, that I was estranged and doing my own thing and that I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it UNTIL YOUR GRACE RAN ME DOWN AND OVERTOOK ME!  Yes, I lost the fight to continue doing this life on my own and Your GRACE and MERCY WON!  LOVE WON at the CROSS and I'm YOURS!  MAY I NEVER, EVER FORGET!  IT is Christ who lives in me, not I, but Christ who died and gave Himself up for that that life I now live, I live for HIM.  I am no longer a slave to sin!  I am a CHILD OF GOD!


Eternally yours

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Father, many marriages are being challenged right now.  I'm not saying anything to YOU that You are not already aware of.  Focus on The Family had the most incredible interview that I've ever heard. It was titled "Rebuilding a Strong Marriage."  The man had an affair, the women got pregnant and later through forgiveness, the "other woman and son" came to faith and was baptized!

WHAT A GOD!  WHAT AMAZING GRACE!!!  LORD YOU ALONE HAVE A PLAN! Philippians 1:6! Yes and Amen!!!

We are the ones who mess it up but if we are willing to submit, surrender and put on Christ, YOU CAN AND WILL take to people in the flesh and crucify it!  FOR YOU GLORY!

Many people in my "circle of love" are in need of YOUR GRACE!  Some have divorced and it grieves my heart because I walked that journey!  IF Only I'd had Christ back then...but I didn't and we were not believers.

If You so desire for me to get married, my heart's desire is to love him like You have loved and are loving me.  I never knew all the stuff that I know now.

I did not know that this life was ALL ABOUT YOU and not about me, my wants, my hurts, my being happy, my finances, my past, my "trying" my best to be a mom and provider.

Lord I lift all of these souls up to YOU!  I pray Lord God that You would take the lies of the enemy and rebuke them.  I pray that they would walk through the Gospel with fresh eyes.  I pray that the Spirit of the Lord would give them ears to hear.  I pray that You God would show them their sins and show them Your Grace.  God Almighty, give them a vision of the Cross and You Son's blood running down and bleeding over the sins.  Find a way to get them to see that THERE IS NO LIFE apart from You.  That obeying Your Son, dying to self and DESIRING to imitate Jesus is the only life that is worth living.  Lord please show them that this life is not about them, the desires of the flesh or the powers, pleasures, and possessions offered by this world.

Father, RESTORE, by first, causing their hearts to grieve for not keeping the covenant made to You.  Repent for wanting things outside Your will and not putting You first.  Cause them to come to full disclosure and ask for newness...wanting to respect and love in the way You intended.  Lord, please help your sons and daughters to show the world what it would look like to stay married and to glorify You even when it isn't all peaches and cream.  Show them what it's like to be hurt, disappointed, and on the verge of giving up but CHOOSING to say, "LORD WE NEED YOU!  WE CANNOT DO THIS APART FROM YOU!  Help us and Redeem this for YOUR GLORY!"

FATHER of heaven and earth, for those who are not in Christ, Lord GOD...please pierce their hearts to receive Your Son Jesus and come into the family of faith!  Father, don't let them die in the sin(s).  Please extend Mercy to them and Pursue them with Your Holy Spirit tenacity like You did for me!

In Jesus' name, give beauty for ashes! Amen

Eternally yours

Monday, June 11, 2018



as of late... I just don't feel like it
not the reading
not the praying
not the crying
not the living

i don't feel like nothing really
just wanting to sit by the window
frozen in my sacred space
just the two of us

no set schedule or timimg
when i'm there i'm supposed to be
not wanting to do anything else

i don't want to talk
i don't want to text...send or receive
i don't want to check emails
not even incoming prayer requests

i'm unable to mouth the words
i'm unable to explain to others
i'm unable to pen it to my journal

i deeply love him
i fully trust him
i wholeheartedly believe in him

but of late
i'm wanting to do nothing really

the fire is still inside of me
the desire burns for his kingdom
and the calling will be fulfilled

but as of tank is empty
this flesh is burden and i hate this world
i cannot sit idle and do nothing

The above poem was written while in the living room sitting on the sofa, feeling so ….. and then I gathered myself and went into the bedroom.  Like a creature of habit, I went straight into my mode of prayer and then paused and starting laughing...His will, will be done.  Then I wrote the below email.  I'm probably the only person who sends texts and e-mails to God! Lol

God You know that I just finished posting a poem on my blog title "NOTHING!"

Now here I sit 15 minutes or so later in my birthday chair with my Bible in my left hand, life action camp prayers on my lap along with my day 10 Return To Me, prayer guide. And on the right is my 30 day prayer guide for Muslims and also my prayer guide for tomorrow's fasting for North Korea.

Like my signature says below, this is surely not my life. It's all You God! All I can do is laugh and smile… Smile and laugh out loud… This is not my life. I want to lay down and watch TV and eat junk food. But the spirit has me getting ready to open Your Word, read and pray. Thank You Lord! Have Your way! Help me die to this flesh! My heart longs to obey You and my spirit longs for Your will. In Jesus' name, amen!

Galatians 2:20-21
This is not my life...

Eternally yours

Praying Boldly

Father, today after our church picnic, I had the sweet privilege to pray with our Missionary, Maryann from England.  You were there, in our midst. You orchestrated it and I felt the presence of your Holy Spirit.

I was getting ready to turn in for the night but I wanted to document this day because it was indeed a Devine appointment and there is a #ginormous praise report on the way! You #Alone can and will.

Eternally yours

Friday, May 11, 2018

Lord Who Are You?!

God You are simply amazing!  There are words that we tend to use quite frequently; awesome and amazing are two of them.  BUT when I say it, it's so very true about YOU!

You know all about me!  I love that about YOU!  You know the depths of my heart and care about every detail.  BUT I'm not Your favorite.  YOU care about everyone.  I'd just received a text from Judith as I had just finished talking with You about amazing the things You've done over the years.  I was saying how we have no idea what You are up to and the ways in which You plan to bless Your people!

I still remember Pastor Devin's first sermon.  I was also thinking that Pastor Dario and Susie had no idea that they would be following behind the Wagner's.  Not only that, Pastor Joe had no idea I'd been praying for him before he came to Grace, I just didn't know his name.  And then, I get a text from Judith and started to pray.

I lifted Meredith, Alyssa and Scott to Your throne.  I said, "LORD who are You?"
For some reason, I deeply desired an audible answer.  I know it sounds silly but I was thinking for a second, I want to HEAR from You and if I ask "Siri" he wouldn't know.  The search would give me a whole bunch of nonsense.

I decided to go to google and just type:  "Lord, who are You?"
The search took me to Biblehub...Acts 9:5
I'd seen the scriptures before and I glanced over them because it related to Saul and his persecution of believers...not what I was hoping to see/hear.

My Spirit was not satisfied with the response...BUT THEN I scrolled down and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD said to me: "I AM THE LIVING GOD, Yeshua the Nazarene!"  That's all I saw and that's all I #heard!  That was it!  He answered me! <3

I wept...loudly...
Then I wiped my eyes and blew my nose and went to the sink.
I began to wash my hands and pray some more and wept again...loudly

GOD YOU ARE SOMETHING!  I call out to YOU and You have never failed to respond to me.

Monday, May 7, 2018

REMEMBERING My Experiences with GOD

Father I am reading emails and had to share this one!  100% TRUTH

1 Samuel 17:31-52
The well-known story of David and Goliath teaches believers that obstacles in our life are no match for God. Whether our Goliath is a relational challenge or an overwhelming situation, we must realize that the Lord is sovereign over everything in heaven and on earth, and He has the power to give us the victory.
David had unshakeable trust because past experience had proven that God was faithful. The young shepherd recalled how the Lord gave him the victory on two separate occasions, when a lion and a bear threatened his flock (1 Sam. 17:37).
Our faith is bolstered in a similar way by remembering God’s provision in our own life and by reading about His faithfulness to men and women in the Bible. This is why it’s helpful to keep a record of God’s faithfulness. Then when facing a trial, we can look back at what we’ve journaled and be strengthened, knowing that God has proven trustworthy in the past.
Trusting in the Lord gives us the courage to face our giants. Being so armed, we can respond to challenges on the basis of three important truths:
• Who Christ is in us—our Savior and Provider.
• Who we are in Christ—God’s adopted children, eternally secure and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.
• What we have in Christ—the promise of access to almighty God.
Instead of fixing our attention on how big the obstacle is, let’s begin focusing on the greatness of our God. If we’ll trust and obey Him, His Spirit will equip us for the challenge, and our faith will glorify Him.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Royal Preisthood ?!

Father God Satan wants your children distracted, deceived, discouraged, desperate, discontent, disconnected, doubtful, distraught, drained, disheartened, defiled, disobedient, darkened, divided and drowning in debt.

The enemy of our souls wants us lacking in discernment, direction, determination, devotion, dignity, diligence, discipline, dreams, and unable to deny ourselves.

BUT Your Word says, that no matter what he's plotting, the devil is a liar and YOUR SON, JESUS CHRIST CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE!

Isaiah 61:1, Psalm 112:7, Matthew 1:21, John 3:36, John 8:32-36, John 10:10, Romans 8:1-2, 1 Corinthians 10:13, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Galatians 1:3-4, Ephesians 2:1-5, Colossians 1:13-14, Hebrews 2:14-15, James 4:7, 2 Peter 2:9

Lord, in every area of our lives, have Your way. In Your precious name, I pray. Amen!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Enormous amount of Answered Prayers...

I cannot even begin to list them all.  My GOD is an AWESOME God and He holds us in His Sovereign Hands!

Lets see how many I can list from memory without looking in my journal:
I've been praying for my nephew and he came to faith
I've been praying for son's step sister and she came to faith
A couple that I was praying for postponed their wedding...
God sent my son a strong spiritual Christian mentor
My brother in Christ, his mom came to faith at 93 years young
I prayed for a Devine appt. for Laura and wow....
I prayed for a Devine appt. for myself and Alex on our way to lunch and wow...
I prayed for a Devine appt. this past Tues and wow...
I prayed for little great nephew's health and God is at work...
I prayed for a Devine appt. for myself and my son separately and HE
I prayed that the Lord would help me fast for 3 days w/o food and HE DID!
I prayed for many during Lent and 3 prayers were answered...
I'm still praying for the remaining unanswered...I TRUST HIM...
Greg's updated test results....answered prayer!
Prayed last night for someone who tried to commit suicide and GOD intervened...
An unspoken prayer for a beloved sister in the Lord has been partially answered...
I PRAISE HIM for Eva's baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clem's health has tremendously improved! PRAISE Him!
Serendipity as the Joyce Meyer conference:  Kristina and Christy!!!!
A sister in the faith is waiting on an's getting closer!!! PRAISE HIM!!!
Catherine shared that GOD answered 3 of her prayers!
Libby, Carolyn, Nancy, are in the Healing hands of our Great God!  Lord we trust YOU!
Kitty and Kay are neighbors for now!  Sweet Jesus is watching over His girls!!!
Denise's dad is doing well...
Amy's dad is doing well...
Caroline's dad is doing well...
Sweet Spunky is with the LORD!!! What a Glory Hallelujah...
Had a great godly girl weekend with Missy and Patti........sweets and more sweets!
God hears my prayers..........HE hears, cares and #answers...
I was able to pray with Tasha and Dr. Cox....what a precious time with the Lord!!!
I'm still experiencing #tambourine praises...
Little Alex heard from God for the first time:  He said, "I love you Alex!"
Meeting Marg: The Seed Project <3
Google translates my Portuguese prayers for the Bijago people group!!!
Meeting my new sister in the faith at the Mattress Store: Susan
Our bible study on Wednesday! WOW and WOW!
My new friend at the Giant Food....Lord prepare her heart to receive YOU!
Praying in the name of Jesus in the bathroom at Giant and meeting Anita!!!
Meeting Ryan! What an incredible blessing!
Being able to write a check for $1,000 confidently knowing that I'm sowing seeds for HIS Kingdom!

Whew..............................God You've been busy and still find time to delight in me, One on one!

I love YOU!
Change me...
Use me...

In Jesus' name amen!

I almost forgot....God gave me another raise! PRAISE!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Same...not really

God these are my thoughts...You know I have this thing I do from time to time called: What's Happening Right Now?  Here goes...

Just got up from the table to put something in the dryer.  I was thinking lately how my life seems to be the “same” but not the same.  I truly love being used by YOU  for "On-line Mentoring.  I love sitting with Ms. _______ and taking _______ to the grocer.  I love the little ones on Wednesdays.  I’d love it more if there were at least two more volunteers.  I love being still before the Lord and having nothing on my calendar.  I love that I can take my mom to Shopper’s and my daughter to the Dollar Store.  I love that I can surprise my son and open some time to have a meal with him.  I love that I can pray for my great nephew and trust that God will heal him.  I love our BSF girls and the study of Romans.  I love how ________ is growing in her faith.  I loved when Eva, Harmony and I met last month and talked about GOD!  I love last Monday when I was able to fellowship with Karen and Regenna and PRAISE and PRAYER!  I love that the Monday before that, I was able to give A. some godly wisdom and pray in public.  I love how Anna, Susie and Judith are my encouragement and vice versa.  I love Prayer and Care!  I love how YOU keep bringing new people into my life, like yesterday.  I had the sweetest fellowship on the phone with Marg whom I’ve never met about the Seed Prayer Project.  I love how I get to intercede for Carrie when she’s equipping and instructing women during her weekend retreats.  I love that I get to email Yoko, Caroline and Denise.  I love that I’ve never met Debbie but I know that she LOVES The LORD and she loves me.  I love that I can trust that she is praying.  I love that I never know what YOU are up to.  I love that yesterday, only by the POWER of the Holy Spirit, I was up at 3am to ride with Chris to pick up our Ghana Missions.  I love that YOU called me to pray and I answered.  It’s so challenging, BUT my desire is to be found #faithful.  I love that I get to write a check at will for YOUR KINGDOM work.  I love that I’m being obedient and I’m truly believing that there is a godly man out there for me and at the right time! Yes, YOU will present him.  I love that in November, I’ll be hugging on Juliet and Judith…I love that I’ll see Missy in less that two weeks…I love that Melanie is my forever sister.  I love that I get to share HIS work in my life via blogging!  So COOL J  I love that I WILL NEVER STOP INTERCEDING FOR MY FAMILY, for Our Missionaries, for Our Persecuted brothers and sisters, for His Church and for the lost souls!  I love that I’m His.  So, I guess what I’m saying is that although my life seems the same, day after day…YOU are having YOUR way, as YOU have planned way before I said yes to YOU and YOU will finish what YOU started in me and I will prayerfully continue to submit to YOUR plan.  So, I sit here with on-line encouragement posts, the drying going on behind me and Law and Order over there on mute.  The BAY is still right there, front and beautiful, so amazingly Ephesians 3:20 and my HOPE is that all that I am doing and able to do will prove fruitful on That Day! 

Oh, I forgot…I love that tonight I’m fixing a big yummy sweet potato and baked salmon.

LORD I’m so #grateful and I’m so excited to see what’s next.  It’s only March….Yes, so excited!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

So Much To Share

Father, I thank YOU that You gifted my sweet son with a 30th Birthday!  I thank You that today, on this brand new day of grace and mercy...only having the ability to say that because JESUS CHRIST is LORD...thank You GOD.  Today, what a PRAISE!  I was able to attend worship service with my 30 year old son and his stepmom, Barbara "a mighty woman of God!"

Oh what mistakes I've made in my life, in my past....BUT GOD and His Grace...BUT GOD and His Mercy...BUT GOD and His FORGIVENESS...

Yes, I've made tons of mistakes, but it's all under the Blood of Jesus!  Yes, the blood of Jesus washes me!  What a service, what a sermon and what a Savior.  I love those who teach and preach just as it is in the Word of God.

The Pastor does not know me and met me for the first time today, AFTER the sermon.  However, in the message, he referred to all of my favorite scriptures...Psalm 37:4, Romans 8:28, John 4 and John 10:10.  What a GOD!

We stood at the alter, we were forgiven, anointed, and prayed over!  Not just us, but every member of our household...YES, Tatiana, Jazmine and Tyonna....parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and in-laws.  FATHER I PRAY that You would make me a godly influence.  In Jesus' name, sanctify me and use me!

We had communion and praise...worship and praise...spiritual food and praise!  John chapter 12..."after Jesus raised (you) from the dead, what did you do?"  Personal question for reflection...

Father, thank YOU that I have told countless people about YOU and by YOUR Grace alone, I will still PRAISE YOUR name because this is not my life.  In no way did I sign up for this.  YOU came for me when I wasn't even looking for redemption, restoration or reconciliation.  BUT I did not reject the gospel and I PRAISE YOU for that!  Your Holy Spirit pursued me and I said, "Yes!"

I also praise YOU because of google and blogspot, I am able to print my blogs in book format and share them with my children and grandchildren.  May all that I say and do give testimony to who I used to be, how YOU came along and cleaned me up for Your namesake, and for Your perfect and pleasing will.

It's good and pleasing because I know the life I led before....not going back there....In Jesus' name, I'm not going back to Egypt!  AMEN!


Father, that's just a fraction of the blessings You've bestowed upon me.  I've been fasting and enjoying YOU, Your Word and our sweet prayer time; interceding and sitting at Your feet.  Lord, You have a profound way of speaking directly to me, my heart and the needs of others.  I weep for those who call You Lord and have yet to #experience this, and I weep even more so for those who don't acknowledge You as Lord and may never #experience this.  FATHER, You know that I am praying for the salvation of many souls...and I am not alone.  THANK YOU for the prayer partners that You have placed in my life.  I have nothing to do with this Christian walk and the men and women that You've place in my path, be it seasonal or long term.

I just pray to continually be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to continue to pray when You place it on my heart. I love that I'm in a place of balance and not feeling overwhelm or guilty when I cannot complete all of my bible study homework.  I love that I leaned into the Holy Spirit and prayed for wisdom and received my answer.  As a result, I have finished two books:  All In and Blessed Are The Misfits. Both were Yummy!  Now, I'm truly enjoying Prayer by Tim Keller and this stopped me and held me:  "Jesus died praying!"  Father God, Creator of Heaven and Earth...I know You have a plan for my life and I cannot alter it one bit...Psalm 139:16 says so....BUT if You answer prayers, here's my BIGGEST Heart's Desire...(Aside from Glorifying Your Holy Name) prayer is that when call me home or when Your Son returns for me, I pray that I'm in Your House Worshipping You or I pray that I'm at Your feet, in the midst of prayer.  In Jesus' name, AMEN!

Lord, I cannot write about all the goodies that You've blessed me with in the past 19 days, but I can say, Yes and AMEN!  I'm sure I've cried at least 15 of those days.  I was telling Melanie that You gave me her tears.  She said it was ok. Lol

I know that You made Kleenex for me.  Lol

I love You and I'm so #grateful that I'm growing into the likeness of Your Son with each new day.  I love that YOU know that I cannot do it without You and I love that You won't let me.

I love that You have given me an ear to hear and a heart to respond...

I love that it's Your will that I long for ...

I love that as much as I want to lay low and seclude myself, it's not about me...

I love that You've given me a boldness to pray...

Keep using me...

I depend on Your strength and I need Your encouragement and Your courage...

I need Thee to make me BOLD!

Eternally yours