Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My God of PEACE

Father I just want to say thank You!!!!!!!

Although this week is a week of patience, (fruit number 4) in my journey, I may have not have exhibited patience today. I thought I was calm, but the Holy Spirit, I believe, overtook the conversation in the room while visiting T, JT and the girls. At any event, when I stopped at the Saeway, I was feeling kind of weary and wanted to cry, but I did not cry. I asked my friend Kenny to pray for for me. Instead of tears, I played some #praise music in the car, downloaded some songs, and #rejoiced remembering how You used Your children and my Christian siblings to comfort and encourage me!

I thank You for Aimee, Ashlee, Charmaine, Susie, Kenny, Karen, Eva, Stephanie, Harmony, Rebecca, Lorrie, Marlena, Darlene, Karen, Regenna, Barbara, Angela, Claudette, Lisa, Jackie, Anna, Ruth, Niki, Nicole, Madison, Laurie, Melanie, Donna, Missy, Diana, Gina, Tonya, Myriam, Diane, Michelle, Janell, Tanya, Helen, Gloria, Juanita, Courtney, Mary, Denise, Caroline, Alfi, Cathy, and Pastor Dario, all who are lifting my family to Your Sanctuary! Also I needed You in a BIG way and spoke with Shelly and Kaha, who greatly encouraged me. None of this God, #none of this would be occurring if You were not on the throne and if Your Son was not Lord over #all.

Thank You for waiting for me and giving me the gift of salvation as well as my children and my grandchildren. And also, how could I forget, my sweet son Alex who's in NYC returned my phone call. #SweetBliss!

Thank YOU Father that Jesus Christ is Lord! Thank God Almighty, Jesus Christ is my Lord! Thank You for my mom, my dad, my stepdad, and my siblings. And again O God, comfort my Precious sister, Marty and her children in this time of sorrow. Prepare them...prepare us, for the days ahead as well as DJ's dad, Darryl, and all who knew him and #loved him. May the peace of God be in the atmosphere and may the Holy Spirit be present in the services. May those who do not know You Father God, I pray LORD God that You would prepare their hearts for the Holy Spirit to bring them to salvation. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen

Also O God I pray that this tragedy will reconcile my fractured family. In Jesus' name, amen.

Eternally grateful-eternally yours