Saturday, January 7, 2017

Make Me Brighter!!

My Lord,

I'm watching the Gospel of John once again, and hearing and seeing new things. I love when the Holy Spirit does that…reveals #new things to me. Father God I want to be like Your Son, Jesus! I want to do the Father's will and not have any agenda of my own. Guide my footsteps and my heart also...directing me daily to accomplish this mission, not in my own strength but in Your #power! I know that there were many times where Jesus was discouraged and weary, #but HE still persevered in accomplishing the things that YOU gave HIM to do while His ministry on earth was active.

I want to live a life in such a way where everyone is astounded by my #faith in God's abilities to do all that He said that He would do!

Increase my faith Father God, day by day, I pray that You would increase my faith! I pray O God that in this year, in this new season of life, my light would shine brighter than #100 watts, so much brighter than it did in #2016.

Father, this is my heart's desire, only to glorify Your name through the life that You have given me. I pray Lord God, day by day that there will be no remnants, no residue of Denise, but more and more images and sweet fragrances of Your Son, Christ Jesus. My Savior and my Lord! It is in His name that I pray!

Eternally yours