Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Can With You My Lord

Father God I say thank you for this day. I pray O God that You would search my heart and remove any wicked ways, any evil thoughts, any selfish motives and bring all my thoughts, my behavior, my actions and my flesh...bring it all under the influence and obedience of Your Word and the authority of Your Son, Christ Jesus!

I pray O God that I would be disciplined with my mouth, my thoughts, my days, my calendar BUT NOT with my LOVE!  May I show no restraint and showering others with the love that You have lavished on me. May I show no restraint in extending grace and mercy in proportion to what You've given so graciously to me O God!

On this day O God, a gift solely from You, I submit myself to You, my desires, my dreams, my time, and my plans! May this entire day and every forward be set aside for Your glory. Help me to be disciplined in all of my choices, to include my meals, and my beverages. Also while I'm driving, the music that I listen to, the television shows that I watch, the books that I read, and the conversations that I participate in. Grant me, according to the power of Your Holy Spirit an increased measure of self-discipline.

I pray Father God for continued discipline in the prayer ministry that You have called me to. I pray O God for continued discipline in reading Your Word and spending intimate and alone time with You! I pray for discipline as I rest. I pray for discipline in my free time. I pray for discipline when I am working in the school system and ministering to and teaching the children. The children that You have entrusted to me!

I pray for discipline when doing my Bible study homework. I pray for discipline when using social media. I pray for discipline while talking on the telephone. And I pray for discipline as I exercise Your Holy temple!

I pray O God in this new season of life, that I will become more and more like Your Son, Jesus! My heart's desire, aside from seeing You face-to-face in all Your glory, is to be what You have called me to be, and that is Your image bearer.

Day by day Father God, please renew a steadfast spirit within me. May my Christian walk be pleasing in Your sight!  May I emulate  to the not-yet believers and those living in this lost and dark world what life looks like as a Christ follower! 

Father God I also pray for self-discipline when I am persecuted for Your namesake. I pray that I will not retaliate with evil words or thoughts and that I will pray for their misguided souls! I pray O God that I would count it #all joy! And please O God convict me immediately when my words and actions do not align with Your truth! Let me not resent Your loving discipline and I pray with my whole heart that I will not grow weary in running this race. I take great delight and am confident that you will be with me every step of the way!

Father by the power of Your Holy Spirit, my "One Word"  for #2017 is DISCIPLINE!

I pray O God that I will live it out; not in my strength but in YOURS ALONE! In Jesus' name, amen!