Saturday, January 21, 2017

In My Hour of Need

Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Father You know the recent journey within my family, concerning my sister, my daughter, my son's loss, my disconnected loved ones, my heart for those who just don't know You, etc...

Janell just sent me something that was so encouraging...and I shared this with her:

Thank you little sister! I LOVE that! I do believe!! ❤️
I'm gonna keep "Praying and Praising" Him in the waiting. Last Wednesday I could not sit still. I kept hearing Him whisper, "Be still."
So I went to church around 12, planning to lay at the alter and He called me instead to the back row where the choir sings. I moved the chairs and sat on the floor, next to the organ. God met me there with Kleenex tears and scripture. He had me read through the book of Philippians, and He encouraged me and strengthened me. I love Him! He is our LIVING HOPE!

Father I love Your continued FAITHFULNESS in my life! You #keep showing up and You #keep Your Promises!!!

I "heart" You!!!

Eternally yours