Saturday, January 21, 2017

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Good morning my Lord,

Thank You for yesterday. I watched my nephew's home going "memories" video in the privacy of my own home and I wept. I thank You that You are my God and the God of my family. I thank You for the tears and Kleenex. I thank You for peace and stillness. I thank You for Your Son and for His blood.  Thank You for the simple things, such as being able to take my sister some Chinese food. Thank You that people are still praying and checking on her and checking on me. Thank You for the laughter, thank You for the fellowship the past 10 days or so, thank You for traveling mercies, thank You for family and extended family, thank You for sweet and rich friendships.

Father I say thank You for yesterday's home going services for Javon. I had been praying fervently for the officiant's that would be speaking at DJ's service and Javon's service, that they would be filled with the Holy Spirit, and they both were. Great is Thy faithfulness. You are SO comforting in our time of need! You are ever present in our sorrows as much (if not greater) in our times of joy! Through it #all, I PRAISE YOU AND THANK YOU! You #alone held my family together!

I need Thee every hour. Please continue this journey with me! Please continue to remind me that greater is He that lives in me, and in those who have #chosen to call YOU LORD, than he that rules this world. For a season, the enemy reigns...with limited power over this earth, BUT NO POWER WHATSOEVER OVER YOUR CHILDREN! Please O God by the Power of Your Holy Spirit, bind him from "their thoughts" and help them, guide them, teach them (Your children) what is TRUTH!

Satan is a master deceiver and we, Your beloved offsprings have the Power to reign and rule with Your Son! Your Word says tha we have the "mind" of Christ and we are not just conquerors, #BUT that we are #more than conquerors!

Help them with their unbelief, and my Lord, when I forget, help me! In Jesus' name, Thy will be done! Amen!

Father I say it once again. GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS! Morning by morning, new #mercies I see!  Only because You waited for me, called me and chose me!

Eternally grateful, eternally yours