Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yesterday's Bliss

Fathers it's a rainy Tuesday and I'm in my bed with my bible app, my iPad, my electric blanket, my full belly, my bible tools, my BSF homework, my devotional, my prayer list, my heater on, my little Christmas tree on my dresser, my police pension, my good health and my texts coming in from women that you've placed in my life for me to encourage through Your Word.

I say, THANKYOU!!!

Once again, THANKYOU!!!!!!!

I'm looking through scripture in preparation for our first prayer group tonight. You used Janell to motivate me to do something that's been on my heart since January. I love Your will and Your timing. Because of You and because of my obedience, we will meet on Tuesdays at church from 5:30 - 6:30! All we need is one Your Word says 2 or more agree...You are there...

Cannot wait!!!

Eternally yours