Thursday, December 8, 2016


LORD GOD You  have shown that You have always been my God. I was reading through Psalms and 8:4 caused me to stop and look back. You've always been there! 

You've also revealed that the enemy is satan and he is always looking for ways to attack me, my loved ones, God's children and to steal our joy.  He is relentless in his schemes and tactics to steer us away from God's love and our kingdom assignments.

You have taught me that when I pray specifically inside Your will, my prayers are already answered.  You've also shown me that I can pray without ceasing wherever I am and that I don't have to be eloquent in speech.  Overtime, You've taught me to pray Your promises back to You which has tremendously increased my faith.

Over the years, You've shown me through my Grace Brethren family various things:  Life is shorter than we imagine.  Death is to be embraced when it comes and not feared.  Prayer is so much more about others than it is about self.

If it were not for my church/your people,  I would not be praying nearly as much for people outside my "sphere of influence."  I was praying for Haiti from time to time, but not the other missionaries and not the persecuted churches.  I was praying for friends also but not for people that I did not know and surely not as often as I do now.

Father for the things that I've listed here, I say, THANK YOU!

Eternally yours