Friday, July 22, 2016

Today's Truth

My Lord,

Thank You for godly wisdom and godly women!!

Revival is not a tent meeting. It is not a series of church services designed to save the lost. It is…breathing the breath of God, God purfying His church, people saturated with God, the inrush of the Spirit into a body that threatens to become a corpse. It is a work of God's Spirit among His own people…what we call revival is simply New Testament Christianity, the Saints getting back to normal.

Personal revival is Jesus in you and Jesus...around you and Jesus through you and Jesus under you and Jesus over you and Jesus before you and Jesus behind you. Personal revival is just Jesus…Jesus on your mind, Jesus filling your heart, Jesus overflowing from your lips. So center down. Be still. Listen with the ears of your heart. Can you hear him? The still, small voice of God is calling you to see Jesus… Again.
-Anne Graham Lotz

I love this and how Your Holy Spirit is using her and using me!

Eternally yours