Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Virginia Beach Blessings

My Lord,

You #Reign!!

Thank You for my weekend with Beth Moore, Jackie's 1 and 2 and Ruthie...and the other 6700 women (and 10 men). Lol

Absolutely awesome time in fellowship! Awesome Word from Your precious anointed servant and incredibly long and slow scenic ride home! I love, love, love beaches, sand and waves....BUT Your Presence being felt trumps it all.

This is what she wrote and read on the last day to encourage us. I transcribed it from my audio recorder and because of the applause I couldn't hear the last stanza...so I added the last line :-)


This the One who said let there be light and there was light
This is the One who divided the seas and set slaves free
This is the One who changed Jacobs walk and made a donkey talk
The One whose Presence was a cloud by day in their wilderness way 
And a fire by night so they wouldn't die of fright
Who held up the sun until Joshua's army won
Who kept three men in the fire from dying
Who shut the mouth of a lion
Who was born of a virgin
Jews Messiah emerging
Who turned water into wine
Whose saints and sinners dine
Who sent demonic pigs over a cliff And kept Scribes and Pharisees always myth
The is the One who walked on water And raised Jairus' dead daughter
Got Zacchaeus out of a tree and caused demons to flee
Who made from spit healing mud
Who sweat drops of blood
This is the One who walked to the cross so the likes of us wouldn't have to be lost
And on the third day He rose
Just as He foretold
This is the One who breaks every chain
Who pours out His Spirit like healing rain
Who will split the skies
On a horse that flys
This is His Majesty 
This is Your King

-Beth Moore

I just love her fire for You my Lord! I love her passion for us and her precious testimony about Your unending grace! Like Beth and Lizzy, I'm cleansed and redeemed and I gotta shout about it! I won't shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for anyone!!!!

The Holy Spirit is #Alive and #Active in me. I'm a recovering people pleaser and I'm gonna Praise You every single chance I get!!!

Eternally yours