Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Peace You Promised

My Lord,

It is Saturday night. There are numerous things that I could be doing and so many places that I could go and visit. But because I'm in love with YOU,  I am sitting on my sofa and I just warmed up my coffee. I have my favorite orange throw across my lap and I'm listening to one of my YouTube favorites "quietness." The sounds of nature in the background with no words. There is peace here. Lord God, Your Holy Spirit surely dwells here. Even as I write, looking down, I see my abdomen moving and breathing. It is Your Spirit alone that gives me life. 

The reason I wanted to pen a letter to You is because there are and have been many seasons of life where I'm super busy and often exhausted. I'm certain that there are more of those "seasons" in my future. But for now, I am at complete peace. 
This year's travels have come to a safe end, aside from the upcoming Women's Retreat.
I'm safely back home and by Your grace alone, I was able to go to Ohio twice, Seattle Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Beach Virginia, and England. Summer has come to a close and the Bible studies have begun. I prayed and with Your wisdom, I am attending (BSF) Bible Study Fellowship for the first time. I was expecting to be completely consumed with intense studying. That is so not the case. I am thoroughly enjoying and looking forward to meeting You in the pages of Your Beloved John. I am not doing Thursday nights with my GBC and sisters, and I miss them. However, because You are so awesome, I get to sit in on Thursday mornings and glean from the wise women that meet at 9:30, as they study Priscilla Shirer's "The Armor of God!" 

Look at You God! 

I'm also hosting a "Go Fish" small group here at my home. I love it and I love our group. I am not nervous nor am I overwhelmed. 

I have not worked for the county's public school system since June 3rd, and yet all that I have needed Thou has provided for me! Father I praise Your holy name! 

I am getting ready to read Acts chapter 4 as required for this Thursday night's meeting. But first I want to say a ginormous and heartfelt THANK YOU for the fellowship that You allowed me to have this morning with my granddaughters. It was priceless! Father God You are indeed LORD of all and LORD over all!

Eternally yours