Monday, April 18, 2016

A Thank You Letter

My Lord,

Our homework from "Really Bad Girls of The Bible." This week's study is about Herodias calling for John the Baptist to be killed.

Assignment--> Imagine it: The Lord stands ready to forgive even those who murder His servants! He stands ready to hear our repentant cries as well. Take a moment and write a note of thanks to the Lord for His utterly amazing gift of grace.

"Dearest Father of mine, the heavenly Creator of this wretched sinner who completely adores You. Many are drawn to my light, the LIGHT that You have given me. My Lord it is only because my sins were #GREAT and You Father, You sent Your Son to the cross who died so that I could live! By His stripes I'm am forever healed and forgiven for every sin...past, present and future!❤️

Eternally grateful, eternally Yours! 

Your Princess Bride