Saturday, September 3, 2016


My Lord,

I've been listening to worship music and it puts me, as always, in a state of longing. As a result, I begin to look intensely for You. Usually I do one of two things...weep or write...and oftentimes both <3

Right now, I'm breathing and I'm grateful. I'm lying on my sofa, stretched out and covered in my favorite orange throw. I hear a mixture of waves and wind chimes. When look to the left, I see the amazing fluffy clouds transforming across the sky as the storm is nearing. Birds are flying about and the remnants of summer are slowly fading. There is surely peace in this place just as He promised me. His Holy Spirit dwells here and has yet to depart. I am confident that it never will. Not that it will remain here when I'm gone but it, (He) will be wherever I am. He gave His Word to His believers, His beloved children, that the Holy Spirit's presence would never leave us. And as wonderful as that is, as comforting as that has been to me since the day of my salvation, it is not enough. As incredible as my life has been and continues to be...the joy, the blissful moments, the serendipity and epiphanies-all that yumminess still leaves me longing…
My children are healthy, my granddaughters are healthy, my family members and loved ones appear healthy, not to mention all the treasured friendships. And not only that, some of my desires have been granted, and some are unfolding as I write this. I believe that there is a godly man out there for me. I still believe that the Lord has yet to reveal His great calling on my life. I even hold a belief that I will lose these last 10 stubborn pounds. But even so, that is not enough…
I still have a deep desire to walk the journey that Jesus walked, to go to Israel and see my Lord's empty grave.
I thoroughly enjoy being a substitute school teacher. I love when the Holy Spirit uses me to help someone else in need. I love serving in the name of Jesus. I know that this life is not about me, and it even sounds selfish saying this, but yet, it's still not enough...
I unlike many others, have even seen Jesus face-to-face. Yes, my Lord came down from His throne and stood beside me.
He did not physically touch me. He did not hug me. He did not embrace me. But yet, just standing within inches of my flesh, He completely wrapped me in a blanket love with His holy presence. Unlike anything that I've ever experienced in my life, I want more! He deepened my longing. And with that glimpse of glory, I simply cannot wait to go home. I can't wait to walk through the gates of Heaven to have more of Him. The fullness of joy awaits me there.

Patiently waiting to transition from here to there.

Eternally yours