Friday, April 22, 2016

In Advance

My Lord,

Tomorrow we (Alfi, Ruth, Melanie and Cathy) are going to see Priscilla Shirier and her brother, Anthony Evans!  Lord, I'm thanking You in advance for blessing us and speaking to us individually according to our season of life.

Father I want to also thank You because someone very special to me is home recovering from surgery! May Your Spirit continue to reign in his life and may the testimony that You've given him point others directly to Your Precious Son!

Lord I also want to thank You for the wonderful fellowship that I had with Shelly this morning at breakfast and the sweet fellowship that I had with Jackie (Waldorf) on the phone this afternoon. Thank You also for the prayers that Melanie prayed for me and over me...this past week!

Lastly, thank You again that the teachers and kids really like me at Calvert Elementary! Every other time I visit, a teacher has some evidence on her desk or near it that she knows You!  Thank You for the hugs that I received from Emerson, Gabby, Jade and a few others....names escape me :-)

I also got a hug from Ms. Lee :-)

Loving this life......oops...
#Galations 2:20-21

Eternally yours